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Today more people meet online than any other way. Why not? It's super effective and very popular with guys who aren't finding locally the girl of their dreams!

The world today operates with fewer borders, and now you can meet extremely desirable international women, very appealing marriage candidates online from most any part of the world. Mail order brides is just a term used to say "beautiful international women who are marriage minded." Get started today on this amazing journey that will be your key to 1000s of beautiful singles seeking relationships that can lead to marriage.

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Cultural differences and distances have grown smaller, but international women do have different attitudes about love and marriage. These ladies look for stability, respect and opportunities to raise their families in safe environments, so Western men become attractive to them regardless of appearances, backgrounds or ages. It's simply a difference in what they value and is a product of their upbringing. Men can not only find agreeable and charming partners but also meet women from a variety of cultures and backgrounds without wasting time on inefficient ways of meeting and connecting with marriage-minded women of similar interests. My view is why struggle with locals when there are so many down-to-earth women in this world who would really appeciate you.

The Benefits of Online Dating and International Brides

International Introductions removes many of the intimidating barriers that keep you from using the power of communication to find love. Virtual dates, emails, videos, and online research help to verify that potential partners have serious intentions and compatible personalities. You can take the time to get to know lovely women who want secure family lives and are willing to share themselves for better futures.

The days of finding completely docile women may have ended, but international women usually offer genuine marriage commitments and stronger support for creating happy home environments. This is ideal for men who have problems connecting with women in Western society because of the media culture which encourages superficial values, temporary marriages and trading-up mental attitudes. Whether Russian brides, Indian brides, Asian brides or African brides, these ladies often very desirable for western men and available by the million hoping to meet a nice guy to make a life with in a safe environment.

The benefits of international dating and looking for brides in foreign countries include these general advantages:

Happiness and Well Being

Our database of eligible women includes detailed personal information so that you can choose compatible women. All dating carries risks, but international dating increases your chances of finding suitable matches without making the kind of mistakes that general dating seems to encourage.

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Foreign women have ingrained cultural attitudes that include respecting their husbands and treating them as head of the family. These beautiful women work hard to create family harmony, enrich home life and raise traditional families with solid moral values. Foreign women face shortages of eligible men, and their local partners desert them when they become pregnant. Gorgeous women often remain single, making them willing to make great personal sacrifices for love and to keep trustworthy husbands happy.

Western men often face loneliness, but social pressures force them to remain stoic. Society expects men to shrug off disappointments, and guys seldom share their personal feelings with other people unless they have intimate relationships with them. Men work for success in business and try to please their partners, but women often prefer bad boys or guys that focus on their physical appearances. Foreign women hold different views, appreciating men for their accomplishments and abilities to support them and their children. Western women take these benefits for granted or compete with men for jobs and status. Immigrant brides could make many lonely men happy by creating rich home environments and building strong families.

Lifelong Commitments and Unswerving Loyalty

Western women marry for the wrong reasons and quickly file for divorce when they encounter minor marriage difficulties. Other countries have strong strictures against divorces, and foreign women give heartfelt commitments for life when they marry. Beautiful, sensuous and passionate Latin, Asian and Russian women offer complete loyalty to those men who provide them with love, companionship, children and support.

Financial security is only one motivating factor for Latin, Russian or Asian women. Many foreign-born women view Western men as more reasonable, less demanding, warmer and more attentive to their needs than men from their own countries. The rewards for men seeking foreign brides include companionship, loyalty, passionate love and beautiful partners for life.

Traditional Home and Family Values

Lovely women choose to leave their home countries for many reasons that include economic hardships, gender bias, shortages of suitable men, physical dangers and political troubles. However, these women bring with them positive attitudes, traditional family values and strong work ethics. Immigrant wives work hard to build new lives in foreign lands, and they adapt quickly. Hispanics tend to practice the Catholic religion, which discourages divorce and supports family life. Asians respect their husbands and defer to their judgment. Russian women face many kinds of discrimination, so they appreciate their opportunities to escape hard lives.

African Girls

Children of mixed marriages learn to speak two languages, giving them advantages in education and business. Foreign-born children adapt to their new countries, and native-born children assimilate without major adjustment problems. Children help to bridge any cultural gaps between their parents, encouraging both spouses to learn things about their partners' cultures.

  • Hispanic culture encourages respect for family life. Extended families include relatives and close family friends, so Western men who have dependent relationships can expect acceptance and support of their existing familial and personal relationships when they marry Hispanic women.

  • Asian women learn passive habits, supporting their husbands publicly and working hard to create domestic harmony. Asians respect elders and authority figures, and husbands and fathers are the undisputed authorities at home.

  • Caribbean women often face dysfunctional relationships, common-law marriages and residual prejudices due to skin color, gender and social status. Caribbean women gain improved social status by marrying Western men, and they zealously protect their perceived advances in social standing by showing great loyalty.

  • South American women face uncertain lives that drug cultures, government corruption and gangland violence make dangerous. These beautiful women keep their family values under challenging circumstances, making them great life partners for American men who can provide them with safer living arrangements.

Advantages of using International Introductions

  • You can choose to look for women by ethnicity, country of origin, language compatibility, age, physical characteristics and other criteria.

  • We offer convenient ways to express your regards, interact with various women to find compatible partners and avoid unsuitable matches.

  • We screen each woman carefully for criminal backgrounds and verify biographical details.

  • Men can find relationship advice, schedule dating tours and get answers to their questions about immigration, connecting with foreign cultures and how to impress foreign women.

  • We help you connect with suitable dates when traveling in foreign countries, so you can avoid lonely trips, tourist scams and superficial encounters.

  • You can choose beautiful women from Russian, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Korea, Honduras, the Ukraine, and other Latin American countries.

  • We offer a comprehensive policy to uncover scams and guarantee the security of your personal information.

  • Our resources help you overcome cultural barriers and avoid the potential hazards of international dating.

  • Single travel offers excitement, but lonely men often encounter the same dating problems they face at home when traveling. Resorts cater to couples and families, and bars and nightspots offer more of the same difficulties of meeting eligible women. We can help you meet women looking for sincere relationships to make your travels romantic, exciting and fulfilling.

Where Mail Order Brides Originate

Foreign brides come from exotic countries that tend to win international beauty pageants and produce top fashion models. Countries where women look for Western husbands include the Czech Republic, Colombia, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Korea and Argentina.

  • In Russia, women only earn 40 percent as much as men in similar jobs. Women face discrimination, high unemployment and chauvinistic attitudes from their patriarchal society. Harassment occurs frequently on the job, and women often need to pay bribes to get hired.

  • Korean men often look for foreign brides to increase their social status, leaving women desperate to find reliable husbands. American veterans of the Korean War often married Korean women and experienced long and happy marriages.

  • Korean laws favor husbands heavily, so women enjoy few rights when they marry men from their own country, making them willing to emigrate.

  • Asian women face cultural shock as their societies change from rural to urban economies. Many women prefer to keep their traditional roles of raising children and supplying domestic support for their working husbands.

  • Latin American women often try to escape the dangers of drug cartels, jealous husbands and chauvinistic male attitudes. Regarded as sensuous, beautiful and passionate, Latin women make great partners for lonely Western men.

  • In Colombia, drug cartels and state drafts cause women to outnumber men by three to one. The country's average monthly pay amounts to less money than most Westerners earn in a single day, so most Colombian women would consider you rich by their country's standards. Similar situations apply in other countries.

Foreign marriages have increased worldwide since 1985, becoming common in all Western countries. Mixed marriages face fewer social biases from society, and personal happiness and supportive wives make any inconveniences worth the trouble. Mixed marriages increased in 25 out of 30 countries between 2008 and 2010, and the forming of the European Union, lifting of trade restrictions and advancing communication abilities make the trend likely to increase in the future.

Foreign brides seek economic security and physical safety. Women from poor countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, seek secure marriages to husbands from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and European countries.

Cultural and Language Differences Have Narrowed In Modern Times

Mixed marriages, better communications and global economies encourage people to understand other cultures and live similar lives under the umbrellas of rapidly advancing technologies. Foreign women don't need to acclimate to civilization, and they adjust well when they emigrate to other countries. Foreign women often speak several languages, so communication presents fewer obstacles for men who want to marry foreign-born women.

Advanced training resources help you and your bride master any language barriers quickly. Videos, foreign films, translation services, interactive study guides and access to the Internet help people learn to communicate quickly.

Although foreign women have different attitudes about marriage and families than their Western counterparts, they no longer face unknown circumstances when they emigrate to other countries. Women have access to media sources and the Internet, which help them understand what to expect in other countries, and professional agencies help prepare women so that they adjust to their new living environments without experiencing major problems.

Avoid Scams and Pornographic Offers

We take careful steps to ensure that each woman has genuine intentions, but we understand that potential scams and misrepresentations could happen. In general, the women listed in our databases make every effort to create happy homes. Men who have had many unsuccessful relationships in the past gain new hope, but since have suffered rejections and betrayals, some guys naturally remain a bit skeptical.

We recommend that you take time to develop a good relationship before taking matters to the next level. We offer reputable matching services with lovely women who want the love and benefits that you are willing to provide for suitable partners. Successful contacts lead to personal visits, international dating and meeting women who have similar philosophies and values. We offer genuine connections and absolutely no pornographic content or paid-escort services. Please let us know if you encounter suspicious requests for money. Typical scams include the following scenarios:

  • Women who request help paying for Internet costs could be trying to run a con on you.

  • Women who send copies of valid tourist visas could be trying to use you to gain citizenship.

  • If one of the ladies suggests meeting in public venues or expensive restaurants, then she could be setting the stage for some kind of fraud.

  • Requests for emergency medical expenses for your contact or her family raise questions.

  • You should travel to meet women instead of sending money for them to meet you, at least until you get to know them well.

Our partners to screen our clients and remove any women who perpetrate frauds, encourage lewd behavior or try to exchange sexual favors for money. We offer legitimate contacts between marriage-minded men and women.

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Legal Strategies and Logistical Preparations for Foreign Marriages

Mental preparation for marrying a foreign wife is as important as the legal steps. Fortunately, your family connections and relationships will become important to your new bride because women from foreign countries understand how critical family and friends will be in their new lives. Most foreign brides have good work ethics, but they need time to adjust before looking for jobs or building social connections.

Establish a clear understanding of financial roles. Most foreign brides want to raise families, but some have higher educations and career interests. New brides need time to improve their English, adjust to new living conditions and learn how to navigate socially in their new countries. Foreign degrees might not meet U.S. educational requirements for employment, and foreign brides might need additional study or training to pursue their career interests.


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Bureau has studied foreign marriage statistics and concluded that marriages to foreign spouses last longer than marriages between native U.S. citizens. More than 80 percent of these unions have continued since the USCIS started keeping records, so your decision to marry a foreign bride has a very positive outlook for success.

You could travel to the bride's country and marry, and this strategy often impresses women who would like to introduce their husbands to their families and friends. However, you can arrange immigration for a fiancée by filing for a K-1 Visa, which allows fiancée to travel to the United States for marriage purposes. If you marry abroad, then you need to file form I-130 to establish your marriage and obtain a green card for your bride.

The K-1 Visa Process

You will need to prove that you are a U.S. citizen, show that you have sufficient means to support your bride and any children she might have, and assemble personal documents to provide verifications. You will need to file the following USCIS forms:

  • I-129F
  • G-325a
  • G-1145 (optional)

The immigration regulations require that you have had personal contact with your foreign fiancée within the past two years, and you must submit proof. The K-1 Visa allows nonimmigrant travel to the United States, but you must marry within 90 days. Both you and your fiancée will need to assemble documents that prove your citizenship status, and foreign women must meet Homeland Security and immigration guidelines. Passports, marriage and divorce documents, pay stubs, bank account statements and other legal proofs will be required. You should probably hire an immigration lawyer to help you with legal details.

You will need to prove your ongoing relationship, so keep copies of your correspondence, emails, phone records, travel receipts and other proofs such as engagement-ring receipts.

Bringing a Foreign Bride to the United States

The I-130 immigration process to bring your foreign bride to the United States requires no waiting periods for spouses and their dependent children. Once you have established U.S. residence, you can petition to bring your bride's relatives to the United States, but this is a highly personal decision between you and your bride because each relative needs a U.S. financial sponsor who meets certain income requirements.

Legal Requirements

Foreign brides and fiancée must meet eligibility requirements that include criminal background checks, proof of identity and medical examinations. Immigrants must receive vaccinations or provide evidence that they have received them in their native countries.

Stay organized and keep two copies of everything you submit, including money orders or personal checks. Costs include application fees, paying for medical exams and vaccinations, translation expenses, photocopying fees and charges for legally certified copies of official documents. You and your lady friend could actually handle the process without an attorney if you have an aptitude for filing bureaucratic paperwork, but the best strategy is to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to handle the details and speed up the approval process.

Reasons for denial of immigration visas include submitting false documents, drug trafficking, violating immigration laws or posing risks to national security, which includes terrorist threats and the medical risks of transmitting communicable diseases.

After marriage, K-1 Visa holders receive permanent resident status that lasts for two years, after which your wife can file for permanent U.S. citizenship. Husbands can speed up the process by requesting permanent citizenship for their wives before the two-year period ends. Filing an Adjustment of Status petition with the USCIS takes several months or more than a year. Your wife will need to appear in person for biometric testing and meet citizenship guidelines that are outlined in form I-485.

Preparing for married life involves certain planning responsibilities whether you marry a native citizen or foreign bride. Planning immigration, wedding, honeymoon and living arrangements make this time in your life exciting and full of possibilities. You will need to merge your finances, arrange for social security cards, organize budgets and seek spiritual advice. Don't forget to apply for a marriage license and meet any local requirements.

You will need to decide whether to continue living in your present home or find new quarters. Try to involve your foreign fiancée as much as possible in planning how you will spend your lives together. Remember that your new bride faces some overwhelming life changes, so try to reassure her by explaining everything in detail. You might need special translation services to avoid making any translation mistakes. Automatic translation programs that you find on the Internet often fail to translate slang expressions or complicated expressions accurately. Statistics are in your favor, so don't risk your happy ending because of communications problems.

Strategies for Success

Men face problems meeting women when they fail to satisfy traditional standards of appearance, lack time to make social connections or grow older without finding a wife. Many men, raised to protect and support women, have difficulty changing their attitudes to adjust to changing Western expectations for women that downplay traditional gender roles. Foreign women have more traditional attitudes that make them better marriage prospects for lonely men who have trouble connecting with women who champion women's rights and plan to work in demanding careers.

Impress Women with Communication and Life Skills

Foreign ladies seek security, so you can better impress them by showcasing the desirable skills that you have. Handymen, auto mechanics, amateur gardeners and writers of music and poetry can find ways to show off their accomplishments without bragging. Include a picture of you working in the garden, building a project or climbing the Matterhorn. Send your friend a personal poem or write a special song for her.

  • Begin your search for companionship by writing a friendly letter. Talk about yourself, your lifestyle, where you live and your outlook on important matters. Avoid trying to overwhelm new acquaintances with too many details, complicated attempts at humor or stories about deeply personal issues. Light humor and a few highlights make a good first impression.

  • Initial contacts need not mention income or personal possessions. Ask about the lady's interests, family and daily life to show your interest.

  • Listening is a life skill, and many men fail to listen actively. Fortunately, foreign women discuss real topics such as politics, art, travel and philosophy instead of tweeting the latest soundbites or discussing celebrity marriages. Listen carefully and express your true opinions to find like-minded women.

  • Small, thoughtful gifts mean more than expensive, showy toys, so pay attention to a woman's interests and buy something that has personal meaning.

  • Speaking a foreign language helps facilitate communication, and you get points for trying to master a woman's native tongue.

  • Abandon your misconceptions by researching the lady's culture. Women will appreciate your efforts to understand them. Travel guides, online resources and literature can give you some keen insights that foreign women will enjoy.

  • Remember that you are not trying to make a conquest but seeking a soul mate, so make an extra effort to learn about the food, history and language of your foreign lady so that you have common ground to encourage intimacy.

International dating offers romance, friendship, long-term relationships and marriage. We can help you adjust to new cultures and build traditional families with strong values and lifelong commitments. You can meet women from all over the world, increasing your chances of finding the right single woman. Dating technology has made meeting women from other countries easy, and greater communication options allow you to develop strong relationships through letters, emails, videos and exchanges of private communications. We offer expert screening, chances to meet women while traveling and relationship advice to help you avoid potential risks. Our large database includes women from many countries, backgrounds and ages, and you can screen your contacts by physical characteristics. Detailed profiles help you find the best matches for your personality and goals.

We are not just a mail order brides service. International Introductions facilitates meeting eligible women who want romance, marriage and relocation to raise families and build lives with supportive husbands. You might consider the idea intimidating or peculiar at first, but meeting foreign women with similar interests is no different from connecting with women on social media websites and dating services or by chance encounters.

We offer safety tips, gift services, dating connections and communication assistance. You can stop the frustrations of trying to find marriageable women in bars, meet compatible women while traveling and focus on industrious women who share your values. Learn how to meet and communicate with foreign women to find romance, true love and marriage.

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